Our Instructors


Natasha "Tasha" Poindexter

Tasha Mae is the owner of Soul Kollective Yoga & Holistic Healing in Cold Spring Harbor, NY. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in 2014. Tasha was elementary school teacher for about 7 years and is a big kid at heart. She is known for her authentic teaching style and compassion centered philosophy. Tasha is also a musician and intuitive healer. She feels the time spent on your mat provides you with the opportunity to go within and tap into your true self. It's a moment in time for you to provide yourself with self-love. The goal is to love yourself so much that you radiate love and compassion out into the world!


Katie Suarez

Yoga should be and is for absolutely everyone and every body. Focusing not only on the physical movements linked with breath but the mind and soul as well. Connecting all as one and taking what you learn on the mat to the outside world. Guiding you to shine your light a little brighter everyday, allowing you to not only help find your inner self but spead that love, light and inspiriation to everyone you encounter. Whether its Vinyasa, restorative, meditative, workshops and more I put my heart and soul into guiding you in your practice. Let's flow together, tone the body and the mind together!


Liri Duraku

Liri got her 200hr in Rishikesh, India studying Ashtanga in 2016. Her approach to teaching is soulful and healing. Her classes are centered around strengthening the mind through strengthening the body. Along with teaching yoga, Liri is a writer, farmer, herbalist, tarot reader and energy healer.


Amanda Accardi

Amanda began practicing yoga in while she was in school studying music education. Yoga transformed her life in so many ways. She developed healthier mindsets and habits for both her body and mind. Yoga has truly healed her from the inside-out.

Amanda became a yoga teacher in with the intention of introducing others to the transformative and healing powers of yoga. She earned her yoga teacher certification with Jimmy Barkan, the renowned hot yoga master and founder of the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. She then went on to earn an advanced teacher training in Vinyasa.

Amanda’s classes are energetic and focus on connecting breath with movement. She offers modifications and amplifications to make her class accessible to many levels of practitioners. Amanda encourages students to tap into their natural energy, focus their minds, test their limits and use yoga as a form of creative expression and play-time! As a musician, she also enjoys creating unique playlists and performing live music during class.

Donna Amber_3085.jpg

Donna Amber

Donna Amber is a breath-work facilitator, sound healer, yoga instructor and empowerment guide. Her mission and purpose is to help people feel better in their lives. Her work guides people to look within, open their hearts and heal the relationship they have with themselves. She supports and holds people accountable to creating a life they love!


Olivia Anne

Olivia Anne grew up romping in the magical beauty of the woods, fields, beaches, cliffs and waters of the Chesapeake Bay region in her beloved, native Southern Maryland. She credits those formative years for her deep love for and connection to nature. Olivia received her undergrad in Human Studies, and her Master’s Degrees in Education and Art. Drawn to deep connections with people, and harnessing passion and talent for Art and Music, Olivia worked almost 10 years as a High School Art and Leadership Teacher, and her free time was devoted to exploring nature, deepening her spiritual connection, travel, and being a performing musician and visual artist. When life brought her to Long Island, her heart and spirit beckoned her to acknowledge her lifelong, natural abilities as a healer and a psychic/medium. She received certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher and in Hypnotherapy. She is honoring her calling to serve people, to help them heal and find inner peace, while she also maintains her belonging in the world of art and music.


Sophie Lee

Sophie was a professional ballet dancer. After several injuries, she decided to take a more gentle approach to movement and find a system which kept her in shape. Yoga, not only helped her getting stronger physically but also mentally and spiritually. Sophie is a 200 hour certified teacher with Yoga Works as well as a Nicholaus Technique certified teacher. Her classes are movement, breath and alignment based with roots in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. Sophie inspires students and gives them the opportunity to grow stronger physically and spiritually, developing a greater connection to their inner self.

Liz Miller.jpeg

Liz Miller

Liz is excited about all things pertaining to integration of the Self. She believes that every one of us has a deep desire to turn inward, find our light and return to wholeness. As a yogi, psychoanalyst and doula, she brings aspects of these philosophies into her classes.

Liz’s experience with trauma from childhood cancer has led her to see that we all hold some flavor of trauma and dysfunction in our mind, heart and nervous system. She has found that through yoga, breathwork and self-inquiry, we can integrate the parts of Self that got “stuck”, thus doing our soul’s work and revealing our true nature. We do this alongside one another, coming to fertile space on our mats and opening ourselves to making new patterns.

She is passionate about supporting mothers and partners through pregnancy and birth, believing that this helps to heal the mother wound of our world and ensure the wellness of future humans. Liz’s classes offer a little bit of something for everyone - the philosophy junkie, the alignment enthusiast and the athlete alike. There will be music, ideas to reflect upon and a whole lot of love. She completed 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training at Yoga Love Project, restorative YTT at Yoga Works, and 85hr YTT at the Prenatal Yoga Center. She is a certified birth doula through Carriage House Birth.


Vicki Moir

Vicki began practicing yoga in 2011 while obtaining her graduate degree in mental health counseling. She quickly saw a boost in her own mental health and began incorporating meditation and yoga into her work with those afflicted with mental illness. She eventually completed her 200 HR training in 2016, and 300 HR training in 2018. Yoga proved life transforming for her, and her classes are dedicated to helping students sit with and move through discomfort of the mind and body so they can better settle into a state of ease and joy that is our birth right. Growing up in a family of musicians and singers, Vicki understands the healing powers of music and incorporates harmonium and singing into her classes. Her classes follow a well rounded formula of stillness, sweat, deep stretch, and healing sound.


Christina Salavec

Christina is a certified international yoga instructor who has developed her own unique teaching style rooted in multiple traditions, with origins in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, and Kundalini. As a natural-born intuitive healer, her passion is to encourage, elevate and educate others to live an inspired, creative, and balanced life through the practice of yoga, meditation, reiki and vibrational sound therapy. Her classes and ceremonies are designed as a journey into the depths of ones being in order to promote deep healing and inner transformation. She creates a sacred space for self-reflection while teaching others how to access the infinite wisdom within themselves. She is passionate and devoted to supporting her students along their spiritual journey by imparting lessons of the mystical traditions of Shamanism and Alchemy. Through the practice of conscious awareness she guides others to create space within their minds in order to more clearly understand their own gifts, passions, and essence of who they are as beings of light and love.

Angela Williams-Jones.jpg

Angela Williams-Jones, E-RYT, YACEP

Angela is a genuinely nurturing soul with a deep love of networking, people connecting, assisting & elevating people to lead their best lives and connect with their highest self. With the insight to always fill her days with compassion, Angela is the ultimate optimist, realist, an empath, healer, a woman of strong character, filled with resilience & thrives on sharing these gifts with and for everyone in her circle. She is highly involved in her local community, charities & events in addition to teaching varied, passionate and fun-filled yoga classes, reiki sessions, pop ups and privates several days per week with two, 200 hr Hatha & LifePower Yoga Certifications, Facilitates YTT training modules & 200 hour YTTs, is a Level I and Level II Kundalini Teacher, as well as a certified Rasa Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Usui Reiki Master/Trainer, Children’s, Family, Mandala, Trance & Meditation Teacher. Some accolades include being a legacy ambassador for lululemon, Lightyear Leadership certified practitioner, team lead for NY Yoga + Life Magazine and an Elite Yoga Trainer for Under Armour.

Core Values: Leadership.Vision.Growth.Compassion.Balance.